DBG Software Systems provides the following development solutions:

ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Applications: We have designed and deployed ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Applications : We have been instrumental in the design and deployment of high traffic web sites, intranet company reporting sites, business and communication portal sites and web services. Most sites were based on ASP.NET technology and integrated Microsoft SQL Server 2005 through object oriented middleware. Our Web Services integrate third party software including credit card and ACH transactions.

.NET Remoting Services: DBG Software Systems has designed and developed secure .NET remoting services for company wide logging, third party transactions and file transfer/streaming.

WCF Services: DBG Software Systems has designed and developed IIS and Windows Service WCF Applicaitons. These applications provide Database transaction, Credit Card Purchasing and Image storage on a remote server.

SQL Server Applications: Our Design teams use ADO.NET, Linq for SQL or Entity Framework technologies to connect to Microsoft SQL Server or other compliant database. This data connectivity allows for persistance of information for transactions and reporting.

WPF Applications: The DBG Software Team has created WPF Applications using MVVM and Prism. These applciations provide server configuration utilities, Marketing applications and reporting systems. Our philosophy is to create easily understandable user friendly applications.

Windows Mobile Applications: We have provided Windows CE 4.2 and Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 8 applications for clients Sales applications, Surveys and RFID interfaces.

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