Case Studies

WPF Application to communicate to a backend server and store information on a SQL Server database A software manufacturer required a WPF Application that communicated to a backend system using WCF Services. the backend system stored data on a SQL Server database and communicated with an IBM AS400 service.

SilverLight application for scheduling and product purchasing - A fitness company in Waco, Texas required a SilverLight application to schedule clients and purchase products. The SilverLight application communicated to the corporate office using a WCF RIA Service. The service allowed the client sites to collect credit card or ACH applications for monthly batch processing.

A Database tracking system for modem ready products in the field - A client located in Fort Worth, Texas required a database logging system for modem dialable products in the field. These products had the ability to receive incoming communications and send product specific data. They were configured to dial a remote location and report errors. The client needed a database back end with a middle ware application that could both send and receive modem communications.

A Client Reporting System For an Existing SQL Server Database requiring Login Security - A Client located in Allen Texas Required a reporting system based on an existing SQL Server Database. The client required the reporting system be configurable (i.e. Required levels of security to view, edit, create or delete reports). The reporting system needed a report generation tool.

A Secure ASP.NET web site used to Load Stored Value Cards from Credit Card or Checking - A large client located in Dallas, Texas required an ASP.NET enable web site. The customer required a site where the user could add and edit their customer information. The site had to be secure to protect database stored Credit Card and or Checking Account Information. The application was required to integrate with two separate Credit Card and ACH validation Systems.

A Portal application with a self contained buddy list. - A large Asian based company required an ASP.NET portal application. The client required a user configurable buddy list. The buddy list had to dynamically updated based on an existing UDP communication protocol from the existing phone system. The application had to be able to initiate e-mail, phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing.

RFID demonstration software. - A client in Plano, Texas required and application that could interface with their RFID back end system and provide tracking for recorded items. The solution had to function both as an ASP.NET application and a windows form application. An additional requirement was the ability to update the designed database using web services. (The web services required validation and encryption)

Mobile Solution. - A large manufacturer of snack foods in the North Dallas area required a handheld point-of-sales application for use by their field representatives. The application had to meet performance requirements and have a specific look and feel. The complexity of the application and required user interface provided complex problems.